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Are you going to a rave, or a really hot club? Is there a masquerade, festival or party coming up, and you really want to make an impression? Then maybe its time to consider airbrush body art tattoo designs.
With them, you can transform yourself into nearly anything from a wood nymph, to a fairy, to a monster or demon. You can use art to transform your body from flesh into a magical canvas showing hints and peeks into a strange and magical land. You can become a cosmic goddess covered in suns and stars, or a goddess of nature whos body art displays butterflies and flowers.

Regardless of what image you choose to portray, with full-body airbrushed temporary tattoos, youre sure to illicit some kind of response!

Not too long ago, an email message was going around that really
Airbrush Body Art
By David Bollt

Airbrush Body Art
By David Bollt     showed the essence of surprise and mystery that envelops this new body art form.

It showed a thin, petite blond woman who was dressed in incredibly short shorts and a very revealing top. That was, until you looked a little closerActually, beneath all of that clothing was simply a beautiful naked woman with her clothing airbrushed on. And it was so convincing that she was walking through a busy downtown area in a large city without the normal crowd of mad men chasing a beautiful naked woman. It was a riot!
An Erotic Art
As the above situation illustrates, theres something inherently sexy about a full body tattoo design, whatever it may be. What better way to spice up the behind closed doors action that by showing up

with an exotic, intricate airbrushed design that transforms your body into a sensual vessel, or a wild animal, ready to freely give and receive love?

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